Dr. Wayne Dyer – I AM meditation

Abraham Hicks 2016 –
Your power is in the present

Raymond Charles Barker – Money is Spiritual

Oprah – Uplifting Speech on Our Empowerment Stage | 2016 ESSENCE Festival

“Three months ago I met Joanne Sapers at a women’s network. I was very interested in meeting her for a Dream Life session. Feeling stuck in my life and business, I was seeking a means to break through. Presently using other programs, I still felt I needed more. Wanting a coach but not just any coach. After meeting with Joanne, I knew this was it!!  Hesitant at first, taking a big step, but knowing nothing would change unless I made this decision.  The best it was!!!! Within the first month I had such growth and enlightenment. Things were already changing…my life was shifting and vibrating at a higher level.  I began to have a deeper understanding of the whole picture and making decisions that would move me forward. Making breakthroughs in relationships through forgiveness, attracting more business, growing financially and getting set free from all the Harrys that hold us back. I highly recommend Joanne as a Spiritual Psychology Practitioner and Certified Dream Builder Coach and the program she uses. She will work with you to help your dreams become your reality. My dreams are now my Truth.!!   My life will never be the same!”
Gisele S., Massachusetts, USA