I specialize working with Professional Women, Retired Women, Relationships and Divorced Women who want to embrace who they are, who they want to be and provide them with specific tools to bring their dreams to reality.

How Can I Help you fulfill your dreams?

Professional Women
Together we will explore your options. We’ll look deep into your inner heart felt thoughts, dreams and desires, creating a personalized step by step plan using the Universal Laws.
How exciting yet I know this can feel scary. Does the following scenario sound familiar? When you tell people that you’re thinking of leaving your job and work for yourself, someone inevitably reacts with, “Are you nuts?” You have a salary, career, benefits… What if you try and it doesn’t work? That’s what they say. What I’m inviting you to do is the following; Please take a moment, go within and honestly ask yourself, “If I never allow myself this opportunity to work for myself, will I always wonder what living my dream life could have been like?” As your Coach, I will guide you through the process of creating and moving into this amazing heart felt dream career. You will learn how to release those nagging self sabotaging beliefs and let your All knowing intuition be your guide.
Good for you for knowing it’s time to make a change. That can feel like a big step, entertaining life changes. I love coaching my clients through this transitional stage.  It’s easy to get “cold feet” and wait for the perfect moment. My approach is very heart centered, Spiritual, gentle and loving. I use a time tested and proven process. If you have recurring thoughts about making life changes, your inner voice is speaking to you saying, “the time to make a change is now.”
That’s your inner voice, trying to get your attention. Your Soul has a purpose and is here to guide you. Your thoughts may be, all is basically good. Doesn’t a great life sound much better to you than settling for just a good life? My passion, as your Coach, is to guide and teach you how to connect with your “Inner You.” That’s where your Unique Self resides and where your intuitive answers come from.
We all want to feel secure. Years ago having a career/job gave us a sense of security. The truth is there’s no longer “job security.” I’m not saying that to be negative. I’m saying that to tell you, that’s your key to stepping out into your world of freedom. You have the right to explore your options. Understanding yourself is a vital step when it comes to living your purpose. I will teach you specific tools to use and how to think out of the box. This aligns you with the Universal laws. My coaching offers you a unique opportunity to explore your dream life possibilities, even if you’re currently working.
Retired Women
We all think going from working to retirement is no big deal. You went from a certain work schedule to a less defined lifestyle. It’s natural that you may feel a little “disconnected” from whom you know you are. Whether or not you liked having a routine, all of a sudden there’s a huge space of time to fill up. You can fill it with family, friends, take classes, travel, volunteer, etc. The options are vast. As your Coach, we’ll explore what’s truly important to you, creating a retirement living plan that moves you with ease and delight. It’s important to embrace this new lifestyle, learning through inner guidance how to embrace your dreams, feel abundantly worthy of them and live your life lovingly and purposely.
Together we will create a new routine that you will eagerly look forward to and one that feels just right for you. During our Coaching Sessions, you will develop a new rhythm that is in sync with who you are and how you would love to feel about your retirement experience.
I’m not surprised. So many of us fantasize about how free and fun retirement will be but don’t have the foggiest idea of what we’ll do with all that free time. Having me as your Coach, gives you an opportunity to explore comfortably and easily the ideas that excite you. Once I help you create your Dream life vision, utilizing the Universal Laws, we’ll create a step by step action plan to make your new retirement life feel and be possible.
This is one of the reasons women, like you, miss out on living the retirement life they would love and so deserve. You continually give your time, health, energy and best years to a career that, in truth, you are totally ready to retire from . Through my Coaching, you will discover lost passions that you have let go of and/or discover new ones. I’ll help you release any fears that are holding you back. It’s time to feel and live in the the Divine love, as you embrace your new transformational adventure.
Without realizing it, many of us believe the old, negative, self defeating thoughts that play in our minds day after day. We don’t intentionally believe these thoughts. I will teach you how to hear, observe and then obliterate these destructive thought patterns. I’ll be your “partner in believing” and teach you how to honor, embrace your beautiful magnificent Soul and your amazing dream visions, that you may or may not be aware of. You deserve to live your Dream life!
Relationships / Divorced Women
It’s very natural to feel this way. It can take time to heal and move forward. By learning the specific Universal Laws regarding self-love and forgiveness, you’ll be able to implement them into your life, feel shifts and give birth to a new and wonderful life, that’s just right for you.
It’s easy to feel fear when you think about going out of your comfort zone and start dating again. You may be dating now. The only thing is, you’re attracting “what you don’t want.” So now you’re thinking, “What if I never meet the love of my life?” The reason you’re attracting the same type of person is only because you haven’t changed your thought process.

I’ll teach you how to change any thoughts that aren’t working for you and replace those thoughts with the thought frequency, of what you would love to experience. Once your feelings reflect these thoughts, you’ll be attracting what you do desire. The actions that result, are now congruent with attracting the partner you desire,the love of your life. As your Coach, I’ll be there to help you release old patterns and false beliefs, listen to the your intuition and move you easily and gently forward.

Sometimes you may feel confused, not knowing if you’re unhappy in your marriage or unhappy with yourself. Being in a committed relationship may have included being a mother, partner, wife, working full time and/or putting everyone else’s needs before your own.  Being Coached by me is all about celebrating “You!” The first thing we do is put you first on the list.  You get to be number one, for that’s who each one of us really are. I’ll help you fall in love with your unique self, which is magnificent. Utilizing the Universal laws, with my guidance you will discover your inner truth, which is pure joy and love.  As you learn to cherish your gifts and honor your soul, you’ll lovingly see, feel and know the truth of your current relationship.  Then, when you make a decision to stay in or let go of your relationship, the intuitive process will feel safe, grounded, right and perfect.
I’m so glad to hear that you are loving and giving in relationships.  The world is a wonderful place because of women like you.  The challenge comes when we choose a partner that we feel we can “fix.”  I’m here to tell you that it’s not your job or mine to “fix” anyone. It absolutely feels amazing to help someone and be a giver, but not at the giver’s emotional expense. I love and am so deeply honored to Coach you if this is you.  My heart sings symphonies as I watch you embody your inner joy and self love through activating the Universal laws in your thoughts.

Letting go of anyone and anything that is not in your life for your highest good, is the door to inner peace, love, joy, abundance and true happiness. It has been said that the most difficult thing for a person to accomplish is the ability to consciously choose their thoughts. It’s my honor and gift to you to help you understand your unique gifts as a child of God,claiming your inner power and live your true dream life.

It feels so good to be a giver, a helper, that we may find ourselves totally exhausted when it comes to taking care of our own desires, dreams and/or goals. You may have lost touch of what makes your heart sing, feel uninspired and out of touch with your Soul. Thank you for being such a loving giver. Giving is wonderful but if you can only give and are not good at receiving, the well will run dry.  Many of us were taught that receiving and asking is being greedy. We live in an infinitely abundant Universe that wants us to have what is already ours, just because we are part of the Infinite, the One Mind. The natural Universal flow is giving and receiving. As your Coach, I’ll teach you how to let go of false beliefs that have kept you from being a grateful receiver, up until now. We’ll recreate inner patterns for you, that will open your heart felt self to love giving and receiving equally. This way you’ll always have more to give.

“Joanne has helped me in so many ways, but the most important thing my association with Joanne has provided me is clarity…clarity in knowing what I want and even more importantly what I don’t want; clarity in what questions to ask; and clarity in my intentions and how I word them.  My association with Joanne is priceless and I am blessed to have been wise enough to take that leap of faith in partnering with her to achieve my goals and dreams.”  http://DJHorton.SuccessToday.com
DJ Horton RI, USA

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